Visiting The Gateway Arch In St. Louis Missouri

In this adventure I head to St. Louis, Missouri in the United States Of America to visit the Gateway Arch. During vlog I check out this magnificent structure along with heading to the top for a fantastic view across the city.

The Gateway Arch was completed in 1965 and stands at 630ft (192m) above St Louis. Along with heading to the top of this impressive structure, I also check out the museum that’s located directly underneath. Along with that I share various pieces of information throughout the video including a look at the unique tramway system that takes you to the top!

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  1. Loving the videos of this trip on both your channels can’t wait to see the videos from Canada.
    Nice to see Alex as a guest star on AdventureShawn

  2. My brother Tom, a welder, helped construct this arch. I was very young at the time. I’ve never been there. Thanks for the shots.

  3. Welcome to America. Loved the Arch though the pod on the ride up is a bit clausterphobic. They have such a great visitor center at the base. -Henry

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