Sharks take 2-1 lead vs St. Louis (2019 Western Final)

San Jose earns a controversial 5-4 win in Game 3 versus the St. Louis Blues. It goes in a long list of crazy things we’ve seen for the Sharks in these playoffs. Joe Thornton and Erik Karlsson each had two goals, and Logan Couture’s 14th of the postseason was maybe his most timely yet. All of that plus a bigger picture look of the series are discussed here.

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  1. NHL fans are starting to think Sharks don’t deserve the cup because of the calls. Sharks need to do better than this, extend the lead, be more dominant to get the respect they deserve.

  2. sucks when these kinds of things happen of course, but it sure feels good when the team you’re rooting for capitalize on it lol. I get that maybe it was a hand pass but since the refs didn’t call it, the play was still alive, so can’t really blame the sharks or say they cheated or whatever, all teams in the playoffs got bad calls which should have never called, or it should have called but it was missed, so its just the nature of the game, nothing can ever be called 100% on the ice, it’s so easy to say when you look at it 0.25x the speed but as it’s happening, it’s tough, and since there was no whistle, the sharks played the puck and scored.

  3. Why is almost nobody talking about the fact that the puck appeared to hit Bouwmeester’s leg? Binnington was the only player on the Blues at first that didn’t lower their head in defeat after the goal.

  4. Don’t forget the fact that the players don’t officiate the games. Nor do they interpret or enforce the rules. They just play. Good teams make and get breaks. They also take advantage of them.

  5. Let’s talk about how the blues barely missed by inches the ULTIMATE chance of securing the win with the open net.

  6. People can complain about the officiating all they want. They game was 65+ minutes, did we forget about what happened before then? High stick goals in Vegas, no goals on goalie interference, puck, missed trips, BLAH BLAH BLAH. WELCOME TO THE SHOW.

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