1. I think Giancarlo Stanton need help for his eyes must contact on the home plate to get less strikeouts number, better call to Barry Bonds is good hitter to teach to Giancarlo Stanton well.

  2. There is something about the Yankees for about 8 years now, from the start of spring training to the end of the season including the playoffs, unless its hit out of the park, they fail so miserably to get a hit with men in scoring position. As a team, they get so anxious in that spot. Imagine how much better and deeper they w’d play in the playoffs, if they can just cut down on their swing, and become more of a situational baseball team. Its so disgusting to watch guys flailing away and come up empty time in and time out. And the same is going on this spring training. They haven’t watch enough of Red Sox baseball i guess.

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