St. Louis Blues fans react to Game 3 hand pass goal in overtime

Clapping… and then table slamming. Hope… and then devastating loss. This is a look at how Blues fans at Ballpark Village reacted to the hand pass goal in Game 3 against the Sharks.

Why it’s a non-reviewable play:

Game 3 recap:

Hear Blues interim head coach Craig Berube:

Hear Alex Pietrangelo:

Blues pregame light show:

Full interview with inspirational Blues fan Laila Anderson:


  1. I needed a good laugh lol, nevermined the the tripping of Mier that should have been a power play for the Sharks. If you watch the initial replay it is a hand pass. If you watch it in slower frame on another camera you see the rotational speed stays the same and the direction path does not change either. this means though our eyes decieve us because the black glove on black puck, it was not an actually hand pass. as well it hits the shin of the blues defenseman before EK hits it is for a goal making it a live puck. if the puck went untouched to EK then it would have been hand pass if his hand actually hit it. Hightened emotion is the reason people don’t see this.

  2. The Hockey Gods are shining the light to the Sharks this Post Season. So many odd calls favoring the Sharks this post. One with the Knights, then Colorado and now the Blues.

  3. Not a hand pass! A player is allowed to knock the puck down so he can play it. You can see that Meier lunges after the puck with his stick after he knocks it down but he may have missed. If he were trying a hand pass then why would he try to play it with his stick? The real blown call was the missed delay of game by the Blues, that was totally obvious

  4. These reactions reminds me of Election night 2016…High, then low, then high, then “ahhhhh man…NOOOOO, Nooooooo!” -Especially at the 2 minute mark, HILARIOUS!!!!

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