Hanging St. Louis Ribs / Weber Smokey Mountain / 1st Attempt / 3Hrs

Hanging St. Louis Ribs / Weber Smokey Mountain / 1st Attempt / 3Hrs

Here I’m hanging ribs for the first time in my Weber Smokey Mountain 22. Done in 3 hrs no wrapping.

Joe’s BBQ House “Hot Rub” recipe..

This recipe makes 2 lbs and fits perfect in a 33oz shaker
Put all ingredients in a bowl.. All measured in cups

1 cup of Ground Cayenne Red Pepper
1/2 Paprika
1/2 Granulated Garlic
1/2 Coarse Black Ground Pepper
1/2 Turbinado Sugar (raw sugar)
1/2 Kosher Salt
1/4 Chili Powder
1/4 Onion Powder)
Mix all ingredients into a bowl and add to shaker. A funnel works great for this.
If mixing directly into the container then you’ll need to hold back on any 2 ingredients. Shake the container well and add the remaining ingredients and shake again.

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  1. Nice mods Joe ! Love the cooking area you have there! I’ve only attempted ribs a few times and failed miserably. I have not tried on my Weber 22 yet.

  2. These looked so ridiculously good….but I was getting heartburn just looking at the rub!! LOL. A good friend of mine is totally into the spice and BBQ though, so I think I might use your recipe and make it for him. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Solid job Joe! That’s a really nice mod & the ribs looked really freaking good! I’ve always taken the membrane off but it doesn’t look like it affected your ribs. I’m with you on the fall off the bone meat….no bueno for me. 🤘

  4. Fantastic Joe! Great ribs. Hanging is the vortex tornado heat fast cooking no wrap delicious rib way to go! What’s everyone so uptight about fall off the bone? They’re not over cooked…just tender and delicious!

  5. I am with your brother, I haven’t made ribs in my drum/barrel smokers. I need to break that streak and just go ahead and do it. That mod is awesome

  6. Man that hanging setup looks awesome with the black and stainless steel. That is cool to begin with, then popping those rods thru it is nothing but cool. And it makes for a great pit cooker and dead ringer for ribs. You have made yourself a pit barrel with so much more options e.g. open door on front, high dome lid for more room dual thermometers and on and on. The ribs were great looking and only 3 hours, even better. Yes, double hooking is good. I actually had one tear in half once (not hanging but while turning them over over the pan on the table) I was using the tool and twisted my wrist which is not a good idea with a tender cooked rib. It fell back into the pan. When using the tool, make slow deliberate turns not twisting at the wrist. Could have lost a rack. However, the pitmaster got an early taste of two ribs. lol Love the rubs and sauces.

  7. Ha Ha Ha LOL!!! I told you I had ESPN! That flavor from hanging is easy to get use to. The ribs looked perfect to me Joe and thanks for the rub recipe. Dude did you build the table for the kettles? Nice set up!! Soon as I get through playing with my baskets, I’m gonna do more cooks hanging the meats. Nice cook!

  8. Great looking Ribs. Love the mods. I haven’t tried to hang Ribs, yet. But I think that’s the way to go. 2/12 – 3 hr.s Ribs what’s wrong with that?? Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎

  9. hey dear friend !! I like the way you make ribs every time a bit differently, I think the hanging style is better! I am like you, I prefer when the meat sticks to the bone LOL but I love any kind of ribs)) thank you for sharing your rub Joe!! God bless

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