Azur Lane [EN] – 50 Daily Ship Pulls for St. Louis & the end of Winter’s Crown!

The Azur Lane Global Winter’s Crown Event is coming to a close, and here we are to do our daily summons in the hopes of getting lucky! Our targets are St. Louis, Concord, and dupes of Belfast or Aurora. Will Yostar and Manjuu bless us with luck? Or will our wisdom cubes be dropped into the void for more San Diego? Let’s find out together!

We also take this opportunity to showcase a few Live2D L2D skins!

Huge thanks to CrackPebbles for his amazing work on the thumbnail, inlay, and outro:

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  1. I think most of my FGO luck managed to transfer over to Azur Lane in the last couple of weeks. I got Fiji when I was doing my event runs, second copy of Duke from a drop (First SSR Ship drop, may I ads), got Lewd Lou from the cluster of the Light banner… Pretty much got everyone on the list for the event. Now it’s a matter of finding Aurora and I’ll be done with the Light banner.

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