June 9, 2019/140 Trucking though St. Louis and on to Texas

LongHaul Larry P.O. Box 92 St.Cloud, WI. 53079


  1. There Is 400+Roads closed In Missouri. Cause Of Flooding. It’s the worst Since 1993. Near Record Flooding All Over Missouri. It’s Disastrous.

  2. Hello Mr Larry take care of the new adl driver show him the right way don’t let uncle John get around him 🤣🤣 be safe out keep big blue on the ground and keep Johnny the chicken out of trouble until next time God bless you from Paris Texas

  3. Larry. The answer to your question is, 55 tons is 110,000 pounds. Another good video. Be safe out there and keep the videos coming.

  4. Coast Guard has stopped all river barge traffic above Cario Ill until the river drops back down due to causing more levees to break.

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