St. Louis de Monfort Marian Consecration – Day 10 – Stacy Gulino

March 18, 2019 admin 0

St. Louis de Montfort Marian Consecration Presented by the Men of the Immaculata () – DAY 9 – [Daily consecration readings also provided in The Catholic ManBook ()] Reading: Imitation of Christ by Thomas á Kempis, Book III, Chapter 10, “That it is sweet to forsake the world and to serve God”   I will speak again to you, my Lord Jesus, and I will not be silent. I will speak into the ears of my Lord, my God and my King, Who is on high:   How great is Your sweetness, O Lord, which You have hidden for those…


Excavator Shopping at Bobcat of St. Louis

March 16, 2019 admin 7

We are a local lawn and landscaping company based out of Freeburg IL. Family owned/operated and started from the ground up. My brother (Nic) and I (Alex) are doing our best to build a company we will be happy to work in. It has been an adventure and a struggle at times but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! We began our journey on youtube to document our company history and we would be happy to have you along for the ride! We have big dreams and have hardly scratched the surface of where we want to be. GET…

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