Azur Lane [EN] – 50 Daily Ship Pulls for St. Louis & the end of Winter’s Crown!

March 13, 2019 admin 10

The Azur Lane Global Winter’s Crown Event is coming to a close, and here we are to do our daily summons in the hopes of getting lucky! Our targets are St. Louis, Concord, and dupes of Belfast or Aurora. Will Yostar and Manjuu bless us with luck? Or will our wisdom cubes be dropped into the void for more San Diego? Let’s find out together! We also take this opportunity to showcase a few Live2D L2D skins! Huge thanks to CrackPebbles for his amazing work on the thumbnail, inlay, and outro: #AzurLane #WintersCrown #StLouis #Summons #GuardianE #CrackPebbles #Yostar #Manjuu


MUSHARNA – THE DREAM EATER! St. Louis Rampardos vs Philadelphia Soul Dew | APA Week 2 | Pokemon USUM

March 2, 2019 admin 10

Week 2 of the APA is here and we take on the Soul Dew! Can we pick up a win on the back of Musharna?! Subscribe for Daily Pokemon Content: LAST BATTLE: MEGA LOPUNNY IS AMAZING! St. Louis Rampardos vs Seattle Drizzlers | APA Week 1 | Pokemon USUM DRAFT BREAKDOWN: Coaches in APA: American Pokemon Association YouTube: Twitter: Miticus YouTube: Twitter: Panther2 YouTube: Twitter: General Tarheel YouTube: Twitter: Emvee YouTube: Twitter: DeathlyiAm YouTube: Twitter: JustKurt YouTube: Twitter: Mew2FanNate YouTube: Twitter: ItzGator YouTube: Twitter: aDrive YouTube: Twitter: KayCreigh Twitter: Youtube: SixftHax Twitter: Youtube: WolfeyGlick Twitter: Youtube: Gym Leader Geo Twitter:…


S12 Week 4: Tulsa @ St. Louis

January 29, 2019 admin 1

The SFL is the worlds first controllerless competitive E-Sports league. Which lets you join the league and be a player, coach or team owner. To join the league and see yourself on the field, join our discord. DISCORD: WEBSITE: SOCIAL: @SimulationFL Tulsa Desperados: Oklahoma City Renegades:


Azur Lane [EN] – 48 Daily Pulls for St. Louis and Aurora!

January 28, 2019 admin 10

We’re still deep in the Crimson Echoes event, but the hunt continues for St. Louis, Concord, and Aurora in the global English version of Azur Lane! Can we succeed in getting one of them? Or will Sandy come out to play? Please let us know if you’d be interested in seeing more Azur Lane content! Huge thanks to CrackPebbles for his amazing work on the thumbnail: #AzurLane #StLouis #Summons #Concord #Aurora #GuardianE #CrackPebbles



January 14, 2019 admin 10

Today we look at a now contender in the NL Central, the St. Louis Cardinals. Let’s see after their off-season moves if it makes them a World Series Contender. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit that LIKE & also SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER: TWITCH: INSTAGRAM: TheAntOrtiz SNAPCHAT: antortiz44 BUSINESS EMAIL:


Azur Lane [EN] – 24 Daily Pulls for St. Louis and Aurora!

January 8, 2019 admin 10

Happy New Year! The hunt continues in the global English version of Azur Lane, where we do our Light Constructions in the hopes of getting St. Louis, Concord, or Aurora! Can we succeed in getting one of them? Or at least an SSR that isn’t San Diego? Please let us know if you’d be interested in seeing more Azur Lane content! Huge thanks to CrackPebbles for his amazing work on the thumbnail: #AzurLane #St.Louis #Summons #Concord #Aurora #GuardianE #CrackPebbles


St. Louis w/ Reload Booster! The best T9 tech tree Cruiser?

January 4, 2019 admin 7

The French Cruisers got a new toy to play with in the form of a new consumable “Reload booster” This cuts the ships reload time in half and allows for some amazing damage in a short amount of time! What do you think of the French cruisers with the new consumable and the T9 on the line the St.Lous? Watch me live on Monday: 6pm-1am EST Tuesday: OFF Wednesday: 6pm-1am EST Thursday: 6pm-1am EST Friday: 6:30pm – TBD Saturday: 8pm-1am EST Sunday: Sunday, TBD but single stream Follow me @


NHL 19 – Vegas Golden Knights Franchise Mode #38 “St. Louis”

December 31, 2018 admin 7

After a record setting season the pressure on one team has perhaps never been higher to win the Stanley Cup. As always, any support is more than appreciated. Feel free to follow me on Twitter () as well for updates, random hockey talk, giveaways, and notifications for when I’m live on Twitch (). A big thanks to ItzNHL for the thumbnail as well. You can check him out on Twitter here (). I’m officially partnered with OOTPDevelopments for Franchise Hockey Manager 5! Use code “Tougie24” at checkout for a sweet 10% off your purchase. () I’m officially partnered by SeatGeek!…


Azur Lane St. Louis Tipsy Snow Live 2D

December 27, 2018 admin 10

Sorry for the delay of some actions, I tried to try several types of emu and devices, but I could not find one that works correctly. Remember that if you want to help my channel, you can share the video in your social networks and groups, it really would be very helpful n_nU Character Art : 云桑 (雲桑) Seiyū : Yōko Hikasa (日笠 陽子) Ryuuma: Twitter Patreon Music : Happy New Year BGM/OST (2018/9) Azur Lane St. Louis Tipsy Snow Live 2D アズールレーン Live 2D セントルイス・ティプシースノー #AzurLane #Waifu #Anime

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