The FLOOD of 2019 Views of St. Louis Riverfront and Confluence Point

Views of the Gateway Arch and downtown St. Louis. Also you can see the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The tower is The Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower. The best view is about the 7-minute mark and notice that the Missouri River is a bit siltier or muddier as she is known as Big Muddy. These rivers are currently confluencing all over the place lol. They are also at or near crest. More video to follow of Saint Charles, Alton and West Alton.


  1. I travel all 48 dropping off utility units then taking car rentals on all the back roads.

    Cape Girardeau above the New Madrid fault the Ohio joins the Third Largest River in the World. I was along the Gates 4 weeks ago. The markings on the gate show 2016…2017…1993 as the top three record levels.

    This video could have been filmed off Cape Girardeau….Biblical! Spooky what technology can do to Large Bodies of Water.

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